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Company growth is linked to expansion into foreign markets.
To help local companies achieve this objective, Aries annually drafts a promotional plan developed on the basis of a careful analysis of the markets and interests expressed by the companies themselves

How to pick the country offering the best opportunities for one’s products? How to gain entry into the market? How to create a network of contacts abroad? It is at these points that our internationalisation initiatives operate, not only as missions, but also as seminars, check-ups, receptions for delegations, participations in trade fairs. Business initiatives in which the only purpose of the institutional aspect is to act as a framework within which to strengthen the credibility of the companies and promotion of the territory.

In Italy

Seminars – Conferences – Country presentation
Information activities to provide companies with help in gathering up-to-date figures about their target markets.

Company check-ups
Generally free consultancy services with country experts offering the company an immediate personalised overview of the prospects for penetrating a specific market. These are often organised as a preliminary phase to a mission abroad.

Incoming delegations – Bilateral meetings
Business meetings between local companies and foreign firms organised when a foreign delegation from one or more countries arrives, and whose members work in one or more specific sectors.


Business missions
Business trips geared to laying the foundations or reinforcing the penetration of a local company in a foreign market. In general, the mission foresees an introductory seminar on the country, bilateral meetings with local companies, company visits, networking events. It may be preceded by seminars, conferences or country presentations in Italy and by company check-ups.

Participation in trade fairs
Participation in trade fairs abroad. Generally, a shared exhibition space is rented, within which each company can display its materials and meet visitors and foreign operators.


These desks are structures manned in countries of strategic interest. Aries makes use of them to offer targeted services to companies wishing to establish economic relations with the markets there, in particular as regards:
– making contacts;
– spreading information;
– obtaining lists of partners;
– organising visits to trade fairs or events in loco;
– organising ad hoc business trips.

The Aries information desks are located in:
  Israel (Tel Aviv)
– Australia (Melbourne)
– Turkey (Istanbul)
– Morocco (Casablanca)
– Brazil (São Paulo)

Joined by the desk of the Trieste Chamber of Commerce in:
  Iraq (Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan)

These are the result of consolidated relations between the Chamber of Commerce and Italy’s diplomatic representatives around the world, with the offices of the Istituto di Commercio estero (Italian Institute of foreign trade), with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, with the mixed Italian and foreign Chambers, with the national and local Chambers of the countries involved and with local agencies for development and public authorities.